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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



After completing my undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Leeds, I came to the University of Cambridge to complete an MPhil in Education (Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature). I was the recipient of the 2017 Jacqueline Wilson award for my MPhil thesis, which explored the legacy of German Expressionist cinema in the Disney Princess canon.

My doctoral research is focused on the relationship between Disney’s animated features and Hollywood horror films. Through analysing the overlap in the aesthetic techniques and source material used by Disney animation and Hollywood horror films, I hope to deconstruct the popular notion that they represent antithetical cinematic categories. Exploring both their place within and contribution to popular culture, my research will place great focus on how Disney animation and Hollywood horror films similarly stock and trade in a Romantic/Lockean notion of childhood innocence.

Other academic interests 

Animation Studies

Children’s Literature

Comic Books and Other Graphic/Visual Narratives

Folk and Fairy Tales

Myths and Legends


The Commodification of Childhood

Theme Park Studies

Department: Faculty of Education
Supervisor: Dr Zoe Jaques
College: Homerton
AHRC subject area: Film Studies
Title of thesis: A Study in Innocence: The Relationship Between Disney Animation and the Hollywood Horror Genre
 Victoria  Mullins