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Vangelis Pappas

Vangelis Pappas

Department: Classics

Supervisor: Dr Robert Wardy

College: Pembroke

AHRC Subject Area: Philosophy

Title of Thesis: Aristotelian Arithmetic

Ancient Greek Philosophy, Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics.



National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece:

  • M.A. in Philosophy and History of Science, September 2012-May 2014
  • G.P.A. 9.58/10
  • Thesis Topic: "Aristotelian Arithmetic" Advisor: Professor Vassilis Karasmanis (

National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece

  • Diploma in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences, July 2012,
  • G.P.A. 7.9/10
  • Thesis Topic: “Archimedes’ Method - a modern analytical treatment” Advisor: Professor Vassilis Karasmanis
Scholarships and Awards:

  • AHRC Scholar, October 2014-Present
  • Onassis Foundation Scholar, September 2013-May 2014
  • National Technical University of Athens: accolade for the best thesis in the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, 2012

Workshop Presentations:

  • Vangelis Pappas, Scarlett Kingsley, Emilio Capetini. 2012. Aristotle’s notion of the infinity in Physics, Book III, chapter 7, 207a33-b34. Princeton Classical Philosophy Reading Group, Athens, Greece, 8-12 July, 2013.

Professional Experience:

  • Gnomon Publications, Athens, Greece

    Writer August, 2012 - Present 

Writer/columnist of articles pertaining to ancient battles as well as to ancient science and technology for the popular Greek magazine Millitary History.

  • Educational Group Diakrotima, Athens, Greece

    Mathematics Tutor September, 2012 - September, 2013 

Tutor of Mathematics for High School students in the private Educational Group Diakrotima. Performed various duties including the preparation and grading of weekly quizzes and the collaboration with other tutors on course material.

  • Hellenic American Educational Foundation - Athens College, Athens, Greece

    Science Tutor Fall, 2010 

Teaching Assistant for the students of the International Baccalaureate Programme in Athens College. Responsibilities included the preparation and grading of computer-based science tests for High School students and the supervision of laboratory-held science experiments.


  • Languages: Englsh, German, Ancient Greek, Latin

  • Programming Languages: (with Babel and Teubner packages for Ancient Greek), Pascal, Fortran, C, HTML, Matlab.

  • Operating Systems: Unix/Linux, Windows.

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Member of Panathinaikos cycling team. Competed at a domestic championship level in 2009 and 2011.
  • Mountain running, climbing.

  • Mountaineering Club of Sparta, June 2012-June 2013: Actively participated in the maintenance and restoration of more than 150 miles of Mt. Taygetus trails. Work included brushing, mowing, pruning, sawing, repainting tree blazes, clearing culverts of debris, water bar rehabilitation and litter pickup alongside the European trekking route E4 and other trails.
Military Service:

  • Greek Special Forces - 2nd Paratrooper Squadron, Athens, Greece
Raider/Paratrooper August, 2011 - May, 2012

Certified Raider/Paratrooper and Combat Medic as a result of my service in the Greek Army.