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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Alisa Valpola-Walker Department: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Supervisor: Dr Judy Quinn, College: King's, AHRC subject area: Languages and Literature, History, Title of thesis: (provisional) A Study of AM 589f 4to
Marietta D.C. van der Tol LLM (res hons) MA MAR (hons) Department: Politics and International Studies, Supervisor: Dr. Sara Silvestri, College: Sidney Sussex, AHRC Subject Area: Politics, Title of Thesis: Toleration, religious freedom and visibility of religion in the public space
Hester van Hensbergen Department: POLIS, Supervisors: Duncan Kelly and Duncan Bell , College: King's, AHRC subject area: Political Science and International Relations, Title of thesis: Finite Earth: Growth, Scarcity, and Futurity in Postwar Political Economic Thought.
Benedek M. Varga Department: History, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis: August Ludwig Schlözer and the Frontiers of Enlightenment
Elina Vessonen Department: History and Philosophy of Science, Supervisor: Dr. Anna Alexandrova & Prof. Hasok Chang, College: Newnham College, AHRC Subject Area: Philosophy, Title of Thesis: A Practice-Based Approach to Concept Formation and Measurement in Social Sciences
Jasmine Vieri Department: Archaeology, Supervisor: Professor Marcos Martinón-Torres, College: St John’s College, AHRC subject area: Archaeology, Title of thesis: Regional and Temporal Patterns in the Composition of Pre-Columbian Gold and Copper Alloys
Koenraad Vos Department: History of Art, Supervisor: prof. dr. Caroline van Eck, College:
 King's, AHRC subject area:
 Visual Arts - Art History, Title of thesis: The display of sculpture in European museums — 1770-1830