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Thomas Robert Langley

Thomas Robert Langley

Department: Classics

Supervisor: Professor Christopher Kelly

College: Peterhouse

AHRC Subject Area: Classics

Title of Thesis: The Idea of the City in Fourth Century Intellectual Culture


I read the BA in History at Peterhouse, Cambridge, from 2013-2016, focusing mainly on early modern and late antique history. I then studied for the MPhil in Medieval History, examining the intersection of wealth, religion and power in the Libri Pontificales of 7-9th century Rome and Ravenna. My doctoral research investigates how ideas of the city and of citizenship affected the political thought and religious culture of the 4th century Greek East. More broadly, I'm interested in Christianity, politics & political institutions, political philosophy, and culture and society more generally in the 'Long Middle Ages', both in Europe and further afield.