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Teresa Roeger

Department: Faculty of Classics

Supervisor: Professor Simon Goldhill

College: Christ's

AHRC Subject Area: Classics

Title of Thesis: How to deal with pagans - in literature. The test case of Augustine's City of God


I hold a Staatsexamen degree in Latin Literature and History from the University of Heidelberg and the Cambridge MPhil in Classics. As part of my studies for Staatsexamen, I spent a year at Sapienza University in Rome, where I focused particularly on the history of early Christianity. Back to Heidelberg, I completed my studies with a thesis on the Christianisation of the Roman aristocracy. The glimpses I took for this thesis at Augustine's Confessions and letters encouraged me to engage further with his work during my MPhil. I was particularly interested in instances where Augustine allows classical and Christian literature to intersect and I want to pursue this interest further in my PhD thesis dealing with Augustine's City of God.  

Other academic interests

Rhetoric, Aby Warburg, Reception of the Classics (particularly in Early Modern Literature on the Americas), the City of Rome.