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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Jasmin Tabaković Department: Social Anthropology, Supervisor: Dr Yael Navaro, College: Churchill, AHRC subject area: Ethnography and Anthropology, Title of thesis: Nervoza: Archival-to-Everyday Affectual Entanglements in Post-War Sarajevo (provisional)
Dr Emilija Talijan Department: French, Supervisor: Professor Emma Wilson, College: Trinity Hall, AHRC Subject Area: Film History, Theory and Criticism, Title of Thesis: An Extreme Ear to the World: Noise in Contemporary European Cinema
Rebecca Thomas Department: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Supervisor: Dr Fiona Edmonds, College: St John’s, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Perceptions of Peoples in Early Medieval Wales
Jess Thompson Department: Archaeology, Supervisor: Dr John Robb, College: Magdalene, AHRC Subject Area: Archaeology, Title of Thesis: Modes of Burial in Late Neolithic Malta: Taphonomic Analysis of Human Remains from the Xaghra Circle and Xemxija Tombs
Alice Thorpe Department: English, Supervisor: Prof. David Trotter, College: Clare, AHRC Subject Area: Languages and Literature/Film History, Theory and Criticism, Title of Thesis: The Social Logic of Narrative Space in Classical Hollywood Cinema
Dr Hannah Tomczyk Department: History and Philosophy of Science, Supervisor: Prof. Hasok Chang, College: Emmanuel College, AHRC subject area: Philosophy, Title of thesis: The Representational Role of Mathematical Formalisms
Giulia Torino Department: Architecture, College: King's, Thesis title: Racial and Relational Urbanisms: The Spatial Politics of Afro-Colombian Emplacement in Bogotá