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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



I started my PhD at the HPS in Cambridge in october 2014, and successfully passed my viva in March 2018. In my thesis, I argue that non-epistemic values and aims do and should play a particularly substantial role in species classifications. Before coming to Cambridge, I did a BA in Philosophy (KU Leuven), an MA in Philosophy (KU Leuven), an MPhil in Philosophy (KU Leuven) and an MA in Cognition and Culture (Queen's University Belfast).




Key publications: 

Forthcoming. Integrative Taxonomy and the Operationalization of Evolutionary Independence. European Journal for Philosophy of Science.

Forthcoming. Values, regulation, and species delimitation. Zootaxa.

Department: History and Philosophy of Science
Supervisor: Prof. Tim Lewens
College: Queens'
AHRC Subject Area: Philosophy
Title of Thesis: Radical Pluralism, Ontological Underdetermination, and the Role of Values in Species Classification.
 Stijn  Conix