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Stijn Conix

Stijn Conix

Department: History and Philosophy of Science

Supervisor: Prof. Tim Lewens

College: Queens'

AHRC Subject Area: Philosophy

Title of Thesis: Radical Pluralism, Ontological Underdetermination, and the Role of Values in Species Classification.

Philosophy of Biology

Values in Science

Philosophy of systematics

General Philosophy of Science


I started my PhD at the HPS in Cambridge in october 2014, and successfully passed my viva in March 2018. In my thesis, I argue that non-epistemic values and aims do and should play a particularly substantial role in species classifications. Before coming to Cambridge, I did a BA in Philosophy (KU Leuven), an MA in Philosophy (KU Leuven), an MPhil in Philosophy (KU Leuven) and an MA in Cognition and Culture (Queen's University Belfast).



Key Publications

Forthcoming. Integrative Taxonomy and the Operationalization of Evolutionary Independence. European Journal for Philosophy of Science.

Forthcoming. Values, regulation, and species delimitation. Zootaxa.