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Sofia Ropek-Hewson

Sofia Ropek-Hewson

Department: French

Supervisor: Dr Martin Crowley

College: Pembroke

AHRC Subject Area: Languages, Literature

Title of Thesis: Pharmacopornographic Subjectivity in the work of Paul B. Preciado


My research examines ‘pharmacopornographic’ subjectivity in the work of contemporary Spanish philosopher, Paul B. Preciado (formerly Beatriz Preciado). ‘Pharmacopornographic’ describes the intertwined influence and dominance of the pharmaceutical and pornographic industries, and my project examines how they produce ‘pharmacopornographic’ subjects. My PhD is based on Preciado’s two central texts, Pornotopia and Testo Junkie: Pornotopia is an exploration of architecture, architectural embodiment and the history of modern pornography, and Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs and Biopolitics in the Pharmacopornographic Era is a text combining critical theory, philosophy and experimental narrative in an examination of the effects, and affects, of testosterone.

Other academic interests

Queer theory, gender studies, literary theory, pornography studies, technology and technics.