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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Jacobus P.P. Saers Department: Archaeology and Anthropology, Supervisor: Dr Jay Stock, College: Downing College, AHRC Subject Area: Biological Anthropology, Title of Thesis: Ontogeny and functional adaptation of pedal trabecular bone
Abigail Sage Department: History, Supervisor: Professor Peter Mandler, College: Newnham, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: The Aspiring Writer and the Conditions of Authorship, 1870-1914
Richard Saich Department: History, Supervisor: Professor Gary Gerstle, College: Sidney Sussex, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis: Is Another World Possible? Social Justice and The Politics of Globalisation in the 1990s (Provisional)
Taym Saleh Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Ester Salgarella Department: Faculty of Classics, Supervisor: Dr. Torsten Meissner, College: Peterhouse, AHRC Subject Area: Linguistics, Title of Thesis: 'Aegean Linear Script(s): Rethinking the Relationship between Linear A and Linear B'
Christoph Schmidhuber Department: Archaeology, Supervisor: Dr Martin Worthington, College: St John’s, AHRC Subject Area: Archaeology, Title of Thesis: Childhood in Ancient Iraq: Perspectives from Babylonia in the 2nd millennium BC
Susanne Schmidt Department: History and Philosophy of Science, Supervisor: Professor Nick Hopwood, Advisor: Professor Peter Mandler, College: Clare College, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: The midlife crisis, gender, and social science in the United States, 1970–2000, Email: sas92 at
Frederick Schmidt Department:
 Social Anthropology, Supervisor:
 Dr Yael Navaro, College:
 Homerton, AHRC subject area:
 Art Theory and Aesthetics, Ethnography and Anthropology, Performance and Live Art, Ethics, Cultural History, Cultural Geography, Roughly Sketched: Pedagogies of Frontistíria within the Image-World of Metapolítefsi Greece
Jana Christina Schuster Department: Faculty of Architecture and History of Art, Supervisor: Dr James Campbell, College: Robinson College, AHRC subject area: Architecture, Title of thesis: The Architectural Patronage of the 2nd Duke of Montagu, 1709-49.
Robert Scott Department: English, Supervisor: Dr Ross Wilson, College: King's College, AHRC subject area: English Language and Literature, Title of thesis: Recollecting Hegel
Mark Seow Department: Music, Supervisor: Bettina Varwig, College: King’s College, AHRC subject area: Music, Title of thesis: A Flowing Bach: Listening in Early Modern Germany
Joe Shaughnessy Department: Faculty of English, Supervisor: Dr Priyamvada Gopal, College: Jesus College, AHRC subject area: Literature, Title of thesis: Speaking in the South: anticolonialism, modernities, and the re-writing of South Africa, India, and New Zealand
Lucy Sixsmith Department: English, Supervisor: Dr Ruth Abbott, College: Trinity, AHRC subject area: Literature, Title of thesis: The Bible as a Material Text in the Nineteenth Century
Thomas Smith Department: History, Supervisors: Professor Andrew Preston and Dr Sujit Sivasundaram, College: Trinity Hall, AHRC Subject Area: A, Title of Thesis: Jesus in the American Pacific, 1854-1930
Daniel Smith Department: Theology, Supervisor: Jacob Sherman, College: Jesus, AHRC Subject Area: Theology, Title of Thesis:
Frederick Smith Department: History, Supervisor: Alexandra Walsham, College: Clare, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Catholic Exile and the Origins of English Roman Catholic Identity, 1533-1553 (Provisional)
Daniel John Soars Department: Divinity, Supervisors: Dr Douglas Hedley and Dr Ankur Barua, College: Clare, AHRC Subject Area: Theology and Religious Studies, Title of Thesis: The nature of the relation between God and world in Christianity and Vedantic Hinduism
Harriet Soper Department: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Supervisor: Dr Richard Dance, College: King's, AHRC Subject Area: English, Title of Thesis: The Anglo-Saxon Life Course: Youth and Age in Old English Literature
Elena Emma Sottilotta Faculty: Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics, Italian Section, Supervisors: Prof. Helena Sanson, Prof. Paul Russell, College: St. Catharine's College, AHRC subject area: Languages and Literature, Title of thesis: Women Writing Folklore: Politics of Folk and Fairy-tale Collections from Italian and Irish Islands (1870-1920)
Conrad Steel Department: English, Supervisor: Dr Deborah Bowman, College: King's, AHRC Subject Area: English, Title of Thesis: Ambient lyric: Apollinaire and the limits of the social imaginary in twentieth-century poetry
Adam Storring Department: History, Supervisor: Christopher Clark, College: St. John's, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: War and Political Thought in Prussia in the First Half of the Reign of King Frederick II, 1740-1763’
John Stowell Department: Faculty of English, Supervisor: Ewan Jones, College: St John's College, AHRC Subject Area: Literary and Cultural Theory, Thesis: Aesthetics and Prose Style in 19th Century Evolutionary Theory
Vedran Sulovsky Department: History, Supervisor: Dr Nora Berend, College: Sidney Sussex, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Aachen and the Hohenstaufen: State-Building and Ideology, cca. 1125 - 1268
Helen Sunderland Department: History, Supervisor: Dr Ben Griffin, College: Corpus Christi, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis: The Political Socialisation of Schoolgirls in Late Victorian and Edwardian England