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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



My PhD research explores how text, image and object – multiple modes of communication – are utilised in synergy to construct and convey meaning in ancient Egypt. In order to analyse the interplay between text, image and object, I am designing an interdisciplinary methodology that draws upon approaches used in sociology, linguistics, psychology and new media studies. This will be applied to a number of representative case studies (groups of artefacts covering c.2686-332 BC).

More broadly, my project aims to examine how certain groups within a society choose to communicate in order to convey a message – and how they may make such a message (in)accessible to other groups.

Prior to undertaking my PhD, I received a BA in Assyriology and an MPhil in Egyptology, both from the University of Cambridge. Outside of academia, I have several years’ experience working within the asset management industry.

Other academic interests

*Material culture (particularly of the ancient Near East)
*Media and communications (both ancient and modern)

Department: Archaeology
Supervisor: Dr Kate Spence
College: Selwyn
AHRC Subject Area: Archaeology
Title of Thesis: Text, image and object relationships: multimodal communication and multiplicity of meaning in ancient Egypt
 Philippa  Brown