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Philipp Ebert

Philipp Ebert

Department: Faculty of History

Supervisor: Dr. Henning Grunwald

College: St. Edmund’s College

AHRC Subject Area: History

Title of Thesis: The Border Guard cases 1991-2004. An inquiry into Transitional Justice and Collective Identity in reunited Germany


After having graduated with a first-class B.A. degree in Political Science and History from Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (Germany), I studied for a Master of International Laws at Nottingham University. After successful completion, I successfully studied for an M.Phil in Modern European History at St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge.

My project aims to answer the question why reunited Germany relied on legal prosecution of those who shot down border fugitives as opposed to exploring the possibilities of reconciliatio and how this has shaped reunited German identity.

Other academic interests

-          History of ideas

-          Political and legal history of European Integration

-          Modern German history

-          Modern British and American history

-          Religion

-          Neo-liberalism

-          Conservatism

-          Theology (esp. dogmatic theology)

-          History of the Catholic Church