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Nicholas Devlin

Nicholas Devlin

Department: Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Supervisor: Dr Christopher Brooke

College: Robinson

AHRC subject area: Political Theory

Title of thesis: Dialectic of Disillusionment: The political thought of ex-communists, c.1929 - c.1960

Political theory

20th century intellectual history

Political ideologies


I am a PhD student at POLIS with research interests in political theory and the history of political thought, especially in the twentieth century. My thesis explores the politics of defections from, and disillusionment with, communist parties in western Europe, and the political thinking and argument this inspired. In addition, my research intersects with themes in contemporary political theory and philosophy, including the ideas of commitment and engagement, the nature and role of ideology in contemporary politics, and the role of historiography in political philosophy. Before coming to Cambridge, I studied philosophy, politics and economics at the University of York and intellectual history at the University of Edinburgh.