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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Anna Neima Department: History, Supervisor: Professor Peter Mandler, College: Selwyn, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis: Dartington Hall and holism in interwar Britain
Dr Thomas J. Nelson Department: Classics, Supervisor: Prof. Richard Hunter, College: Trinity, AHRC Subject Area: Classics, Thesis Title: Early Greek Indexicality: Markers of Allusion in Archaic Greek Poetry
Lily NĂ­ Dhomhnaill Department: English, Supervisor: Dr. Fiona Green, College: Corpus Christi, AHRC subject area: American Literature, Title of thesis: Listening for Inheritance in the Late 20th Century US poetry and performace
Annalisa Nicholson Department: French, Supervisor: Dr Emma Gilby, College: Corpus Christi, AHRC subject area: French, Title of thesis: Palace of Exiles: The Mazarin Salon in Seventeenth-Century London
Anna Nickerson Department: Faculty of English, Supervisor: Dr Michael Hurley, College: Girton, AHRC Subject Area: English, Title of Thesis: Repetition in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Poetry
Yahya Nurgat Department: History, Supervisor: Dr Helen Pfeifer, College: Clare, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis: Space, Ritual and Religious Experience in the Ottoman Hajj, 1660-1760.