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Michael Dormandy

Michael Dormandy

Department: Faculty of Divinity

Supervisor: Dirk Jongkind

College: Christ's

AHRC Subject Area: Theology, Divinity and Religion

Title of Thesis: An investigation into text-critical problems surrounding Revelation and the Codex Alexandrinus


I began my tertiary education with a BA in Classics, at Oxford University. I then worked in church ministry and was Head of Classics at Ashford School, Kent. I co-authored an inter-mediate level Latin textbook. I lived and worked in Austria, including a fellowship at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies, where I prepared a critical edition of the Epistola Fundamentalis by the seventeenth century priest, Bartholomaeus Holzhauser.  I have subsequently published this project as a monograph. I returned to study in Oxford, beginning with a BA in Theology. I got a high First and was awarded the Hall Houghton Greek New Testament Prize and the Pusey and Ellerton Prize for Hebrew. I then took a Masters Degree in New Testament Studies, also at Oxford, in which I got a Distinction. My dissertation concerned the evidence from work-combinations for the development of the New Testament canon. During my Masters, I taught advanced Classical Greek language in the Classics faculty. I am fascinated by the New Testament and believe that it offers a message of life and hope to humanity. This passion combines with a predilection for the history of texts to motivate my research in New Testament textual criticism.


Other academic interests


Patristic evidence for New Testament authorship debates

The development of the New Testament canon

Bartholomaeus Holzhauser

The relationship between Biblical Studies and Reformed Systematics