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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



After completing my BA in Philosophy at the University of Vienna with a thesis on the role of spatiality and climate in the work of Martin Heideger and Watsuji Tetsuro, I pursued my interest in experiences of weather and climate further, completing my MA in Philosophy at the University of Freiburg with a thesis on the phenomenology of weather.

My PhD research will focus on developing an interdisciplinary approach to the relationship between weather, climate, and culture–drawing from Geography, Anthropology, and Philosophy (esp. Phenomenology) alike–in order to contribute to and help frame ongoing debates around changing weather and climates.

Other academic interests 

Human Geography; Phenomenology (of nature, space, atmospheres, and the inconspicuous); Hermeneutics; Ancient Philosophy; Critical Theory


Key publications: 

"A Phenomenology of Weather and Qi", in: The Journal of Japanese Philosophy, 5(1), 2018, 43-65.

"Dasein as an Answer from Nothingness", in: Proceedings of the XXIII 2018 World Congress of Philosophy, 13, 2018, 23-27.

Department: Geography
Supervisor: Professor Mike Hulme
College: Girton
AHRC subject area: Geography
Title of thesis: Under the weather. Towards a phenomenological genealogy of weather and climate
 Maximilian Gregor  Hepach