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Matyas Moravec

Matyas Moravec

Department: Faculty of Divinity

Supervisor: Professor Sarah Coakley

College: Pembroke College

AHRC Subject Area: Theology, Divinity and Religion

Title of Thesis: Bathing God in an Atmosphere of Spatiality: Henri Bergson and Analytic Philosophy of Religion


Originally from the Czech Republic, I obtained my M.A. (First Class Hons.) in Divinity & Philosophy from the University of Aberdeen in 2016 with a dissertation exploring Henri Bergson's critique of Kant in Time and Free Will. In 2017 I completed my M.Phil. (Distinction) in Theology & Religious Studies at the University of Cambridge. My thesis constructed a coherent model of divine eternity by fusing Bergson's notion of la durée with Stump and Kretzmann's now predominantly abandoned "atemporal duration" as an extended but successionless concept of divine time.

My current research seeks to establish the relevance of Bergson's philosophy to the analytic debate about the relation between God and time, specifically its implications for the problem of divine foreknowledge and human free will. My aim is to create a groundwork for a "bergsonian" philosophy of religion.

Other Academic Interests

I am also interested in Bergson's potential contribution to the debate about religious language, the theological implications of many-valued logics and their relevance to the ontological status of "the future."