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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



Mariëtta D.C. van der Tol is pursuing her PhD in Politics & International Studies at Cambridge University, UK. She studies historical patterns of tolerance and intolerance and expressions thereof in contemporary constitutional law and politics. She holds Masters degrees in Comparative Constitutional Law and in Socio-political History from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, as well as in History of Christianity from Yale University.

She teaches regularly in the courses Evidency & Argument (History & Politics Tripos) and the History of Political Thought to ca. 1700 (Pol 7 / Hist 19). In 2019-2021 she leads the networking grant Protestant Political Thought at the Cambridge Institute on Religion and International Studies. For more information, see


Key publications: 

M.D.C. van der Tol, Carys Brown, John Adenitire & Emily S. Kempson (eds.), From toleration to religious freedom?, Expected, Ofxord: Peter Lang 2020

M.D.C. van der Tol, 'Beginselen van goed bestuur in het kerkelijk recht' in, Anoeska Buijze et al (eds.), Goed bestuur in Perspectief, Alphen a/d Rijn: Kluwer 2019

M.D.C. van der Tol, 'Intolerance unveiled? Burkini bans across France', (2018) Revue du droit des religions, no. 6, pp. 139-149,

M.D.C. van der Tol, De jongste ontwikkelingen van het kiesrecht in het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in historisch perspectief, Wolf Legal Publishers 2014

G.A. Addink, M.D.C. van der Tol, C.M.C. Wagemakers (eds.), Goed bestuur op Sint Maarten: tussen recht en realiteit, Wolf Legal Publishers 2014

Department: Politics and International Studies
Supervisor: Dr. Sara Silvestri
College: Sidney Sussex
AHRC Subject Area: Politics
Title of Thesis: Toleration, religious freedom and visibility of religion in the public space
 Marietta D.C. van der Tol