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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



My PhD project, funded by the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership and supervised by Rae Langton and Clare Chambers, uses ideas from philosophy of language, ethics and feminist philosophy to explore the nature of speech and the ways we use it to enforce social norms and standards. I am interested in speech act theory, thick concepts and terms, hate speech (especially slurs), blame, sexual harassment and social norms. My work is often interdisciplinary, intersecting with work in linguistics, sociology, gender studies and law. 

I am originally from London and I did both my undergraduate degree (in Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and my master's degree (BPhil in philosophy) at the University of Oxford.

Department: Philosophy
Supervisor: Professor Rae Langton
College: Trinity Hall
AHRC subject area: Philosophy
Title of thesis: The Power of Speech

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