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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



I completed a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English and American Studies in Austria, my home country, with funded study and research visits at Swansea University and Bangor University, both in Wales. I lectured and worked as an academic writing coach at two Austrian universities before coming to Cambridge University to complete an MPhil in Education in 2016/17. My MPhil thesis dealt with the epistolary mode in young adult literature.

In my PhD project I focus on representations of masculinities in recent Arthurian narratives for the young. I find this topic fascinating because traditional material such as the Arthurian legend, although constantly being reinvented and adapted to new concerns and ideals, continues to carry past ideologies - and one area where this is a particularly pressing issue is gender. Scholars have rightly asked whether the patriarchal bias inherent in the Arthurian tradition can be adapted to speak to contemporary issues surrounding gender and sexuality. It is my aim to address this question with my project.

Department: Faculty of Education
Supervisor: Dr Zoe Jaques, David Whitley
College: Churchill
AHRC subject area: Education
Title of Thesis: Tradition and Transformation - Representations of Masculinities in Recent Arthurian Narratives for Young Readers
 Lisa  Kazianka