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Jeanine Quené

Jeanine Quené

Department: History

Supervisor: Professor Gary Gerstle

College: Sidney Sussex College

AHRC subject area: History

Title of Thesis: Womanhood in Ku Klux Klan Ideology, 1915-1930


I received my BA from University College Utrecht, a small liberal arts college in Utrecht, The Netherlands, majoring in History and Political Science. Throughout my years as an undergraduate my fascination for American History and Politics only grew, and after receiving my BA I studied for an MA in United States Studies: History and Politics at University College London. After a year in the real world, in which I interned for the Netherlands Embassy in Washington D.C., I am excited to return to academics and continue with the topic of women within the KKK. I am extremely interested in the both the motivations of women to join patriarchal and white supremacist organizations, and the role women play within the ideology of these organizations (the KKK in particular). This PhD research touches upon the intersections of gender, race, and class within the context of racial nationalism, especially within the turbulent decade of the 1920s.

Other Academic Interests

In addition to histories of race and gender, I am also very interested in political history, political science, current U.S. politics, American foreign policy and the digital humanities. I love tutoring and am an enthusiastic singer.