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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Fatima Lahham Department: 
Music, Supervisor:
 Dr Bettina Varwig, College:
 Christ's College, AHRC subject area:
Serena Laiena Department: Italian, Supervisor: Helena Sanson, College: Clare College, AHRC subject area: Italian Studies, Title of thesis: New Perspectives on Giovan Battista Andreini's (1576-1654) dramaturgy.
Thomas Robert Langley Department: Classics, Supervisor: Professor Christopher Kelly, College: Peterhouse, AHRC Subject Area: Classics, Title of Thesis: The Idea of the City in Fourth Century Intellectual Culture
Laura Langone
Fabrice Langrognet Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Cynthia Larbey Department: Archaeology, Supervisor: Professor Martin Jones, College: Jesus College, AHRC Subject Area: Archaeobotany, Title of Thesis: There are significant phylogenetic evolutionary differences in human adaptation to diet - how does that correlate with a deep history of processed plant food consumption?
Ruth Lawlor Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Anna M Lawrence Department: Geography, Supervisor: Dr Philip Howell, College: King's College, AHRC subject area: Historical Geography, Title of thesis: 'Botanical Biopolitics: The Sociopolitical Lives of Flowers in Victorian Britain'
Mathias Le Gargasson +33680516167
Edward Lee-Six Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Rebecca Lees Department: Classics, Supervisor: Dr. Emily Gowers, College: Newnham, AHRC Subject Area: Classics, Title of Thesis: [provisional] Nature or nurture?: Roman epic's interrogation of gender and sexuality as natural and/or cultural
James Lello Department: Faculty of English, Supervisor: Dr. Tamara Follini, College: St Catharine’s, AHRC Subject Area: English Language and Literature, Title of Thesis: 'Intonation in Henry James'
Maxime Lepoutre Department: Philosophy, Supervisor: Dr Clare Chambers, College: Trinity College, AHRC Subject Area: Philosophy, Title of Thesis: Democratic Speech in Divided Times
Michael Lewis Department: Archaeology, Supervisor: Dr Augusta McMahon, College: Magdalene College, AHRC subject area: Archaeology, Title of thesis: How do social transformations from the 4th-early 3rd millennium BCE influence and manifest themselves in the choice of raw materials, and chaîne opératoire of pottery in the Shahrizor and Bazyan Valley?
Joel Lipson Department: English, Supervisor: Dr James Wade, College: Wolfson College, AHRC subject area: English Language and Literature, Title of thesis: Distinctions of Kind and Place: Liminal Encounters and the Visitation Motif in Medieval English Literature (Provisional)
Joy Lisney M.Phil. Department: Music, Supervisor: Richard Causton, College: King's, AHRC Subject Area: Music, Title of Thesis: The Contemporary Cellist
Charles Lockwood Department: History, Supervisor: Dr Jon Parry, College: Selwyn, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: 'Conceptions of public opinion and social change in the British New Right, c.1965-1983’.
Alexandre Loktionov Department: Archaeology & Anthropology, Supervisor: Dr. Hratch Papazian, College: Robinson, AHRC Subject Area: C: Archaeology, Title of Thesis: The Development of the Legal System of Ancient Egypt from the Old to the Middle Kingdom
Michael Loy Department: Classics, Supervisor: Prof. Robin Osborne and Prof. Cyprian Broodbank, College: Pembroke, AHRC Subject Area: Archaeology, Title of Thesis: State interactions in Archaic Greece
Johan Lundberg Department: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Supervisor: Prof. Geoffrey Khan, College: Trinity, AHRC Subject Area: Languages and Literature: Middle Eastern and African Studies; Linguistics, Title of Thesis: [Provisional] The Use and Development of Causative Constructions in Ancient Aramaic
Christa Lundberg Department: History, Supervisor: Scott Mandelbrote, College: Trinity College, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis: Apostolic Theology and Humanism at the University of Paris, 1490–1540
Harriet Lyon Department: History, Supervisor: Prof. Alexandra Walsham, College: Christ's, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: The afterlife of the dissolution of the monasteries, 1539-c.1700