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Kris Beaghton

Kris Beaghton

Department: Centre for Film and Screen

Supervisor: Dr John David Rhodes

College: Clare College

AHRC Subject Area: Contemporary arts practice, theory in art, cultural theory

Title of Thesis: The Films and Media Work of Barbara Hammer


Kris Beaghton is a PhD candidate working on a project exploring the films of experimental artist Barbara Hammer. Her research interests include the history of technology, media archeology, feminist theory, and lesbian and queer art. Kris also works with Queer Britain, the nation's first LGBTQI+ museum.

Awards and Funding:
AHRC Doctoral Studentship (University of Cambridge), 2016-2019.
AHRC Research Training Support Grant (University of Cambridge), 2017.

Supervises and teaches seminars for CS6: European Cinema (Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages), 2018-2019.
Convenes Queer Cultures Research Seminar (Faculty of English), 2016-2019.

Selected Publications and Conference Papers:
'A process of self-creation: parthenogenesis and queer creative production', World Picture Conference, University of Cambridge, 2018.
'Teledildonics and the Future of Touch: Sex in the Coming Century,' Radical Technology series, University of Cambridge, 2017.
'Feminism, Queer Theory + BDSM' lecture at Night Lessons: BDSM Theory and Practice, Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme, France, 2017.
'Unconscious Digitality in Bob Flanagan's The Pain Journal', Embodying Media: From Print to the Digital, University of Cambridge, 2017.
'Policing Pornography, Policing Fantasy: A Response', published in Politactics: Political Conversations from Everyday Analysis, Zero Books, 2016.