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Mr Karamvir Chadha

Mr Karamvir Chadha

Department: Philosophy

Supervisor: Dr Tom Dougherty & Prof Rae Langton

College: Trinity College

AHRC Subject Area: Philosophy

Title of Thesis: [Provisional] Informed Consent in Morality and Law


My research examines why it is morally important to have someone's consent when (for example) having sex with them, operating on them, or walking on their lawn. Using insights about why consent is morally important, I propose reforms to areas of the law in which consent is a central element, for example, the law of rape, the law of battery, and the law of trespass.

Before coming to Cambridge, I studied law, economics, and philosophy (variously) at the Universities of Manchester, North Carolina, Bologna, Hamburg, Bristol, and Oxford.

Other academic interests

Normative powers.

Non-human animals in theories of justice.

John Stuart Mill.

Law & Economics.