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Jon Wright

Jon Wright

Department: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Ashman Rowe

College: Magdalene

AHRC Subject Area: Medieval Literature

Title of Thesis: AM 748 Ia 4to: contextualising the transmission of eddic poetry

by identifying the output of one scribe


Starting out as a historian with a particular interest in the Viking-age settlement of the British Isles, my focus has shifted westward and later after being bitten by the palaeography bug during the course of a BA in Viking Studies and MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at UCL. I am principally interested in what the identification of scribal hands or schools can tell us about the preservation and transmission of pagan mythological themes in the Christian era: Who was writing pagan poems down? And if we can tell who, does this help us to know why?

Other academic interests

I retain an interest in Viking-age Britain, and especially in the possibilities raised by a carefully interdisciplinary approach to understanding the nature and process(es) of Scandinavian settlement. Within Old Norse palaeography, I am also particularly interested in developing innovative approaches to stemmatics.