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Johan Lundberg

Johan Lundberg

Department: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Supervisor: Prof. Geoffrey Khan

College: Trinity

AHRC Subject Area: Languages and Literature: Middle Eastern and African Studies; Linguistics

Title of Thesis: [Provisional] The Use and Development of Causative Constructions in Ancient Aramaic

Early Christianity

Second Temple Judaism

History of biblical interpretation

Pre-Islamic Arabia

Ancient North Arabian epigraphy



Before coming to Cambridge Johan studied Theology and Ancient Near Eastern languages in Uppsala, Oslo, and Leiden. He focused on Biblical Studies, particularly Old Testament Theology, in his degrees from Johannelund’s Theological Seminary and The Norwegian School of Theology. Subsequent to these degrees, he studied Ancient Near Eastern languages such as Akkadian, Aramaic, Sabaic, Old Arabic, Hittite, and Sumerian at Uppsala University and Leiden University.


His main linguistic interests concern the semantics and syntax of prepositions and verbs. This fascination with verbs was an important factor motivating his choice of research topic together with an interest in ancient Aramaic literature, Syriac Theology, and translation practices in the Ancient Near East. His interest in prepositions has led to the publication of an article on the use of prepositions in inscriptions from the ancient North Arabian oasis Dadan.