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James Lello

James Lello

Department: Faculty of English

Supervisor: Dr. Tamara Follini

College: St Catharine’s

AHRC Subject Area: English Language and Literature

Title of Thesis: ‘Henry James and Prose-Rhythm’


I completed my B.A. in 2014 and my MPhil in 2015 at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. I also hold a Honorary Vice Chancellor’s Award at the University of Cambridge. 

My research argues for the importance of the ‘auditory imagination’ in the late prose of Henry James. The auditory imagination places composition and technique, not just theme and representation, at the centre of the study of prose art. This not only involves close attention to the concepts of ‘voice’, ‘tone’, and ‘intonation’, but also to the rhythms, sound effects and melodic textures of James’s own writing.

Other academic interests

Kierkegaard; Hegel; William James and his reception by Étienne Souriau, Bruno Latour and A.N. Whitehead; the concept of ‘asceticism’ in nineteenth-century English literature and philosophy; theories of repetition; post-Kantian German aesthetics; Gillian Rose; John Wilkinson; Michael Fried; Barnett Newman; Luigi Nono; Edgard Varèse; Helmut Lachenmann. As well as giving papers on Henry James, I have also presented on Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer.