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Hester van Hensbergen

Hester van Hensbergen

Department: POLIS

Supervisor: Dr Duncan Kelly

College: King's

AHRC subject area: Political Science and International Relations

Title of thesis: Finite Earth and the Global Future in Anglophone Political Thought, c. 1960-1990.


After completing my BA in History at Cambridge in 2015, I spent a year at Harvard University as a Kennedy Scholar studying history, politics, and Arabic. I subsequently returned to Cambridge in 2016 to take the MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History. My research interests lie in the history of postwar political theory and moral philosophy, histories of the future, and contemporary environmental political theory. My current work focuses on the origins of theories of intergenerational and global justice, and on ideas of the stationary state economy in the work of 1970s economists and political theorists.