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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



I carried out my undergraduate studies at the University of York, where I received a first-class honours and an award for my dissertation on the philosophical underpinnings of criminal responsibility. Subsequently, I moved to Cambridge to study the LLM. At Cambridge, I also attained a first-class honours and was awarded the George Long Prize for Jurisprudence.

My doctoral research begins with an investigation of the free will/determinism debate and argues that our traditional conception of ourselves as free and responsible agents is incompatible with our best understanding of the universe. Nevertheless, I wish to defend a modified version of our responsibility practices based on consequentialist reasoning. Roughly speaking, the position to be advanced is that an individual should be held responsible for her actions insofar as those actions reflect her character. I am also interested in exploring the implications of this account for various excusing conditions that are widely recognised by the criminal law.


Other academic interests

Criminal Justice


Legal and Political Philosophy

Moral Philosophy

Philosophy of Criminal Law

Department: Law
Supervisor: Professor Matthew Kramer
College: Gonville and Caius
AHRC subject area: Legal Philosophy
Title of thesis: (provisional) Responsibility as Revelation: Reconciling Free Will Scepticism and Individual Responsibility
 Harry  Harland