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Hari Blackmore

Hari Blackmore

Department: Division of Archaeology

Supervisor: Dr Elizabeth DeMarrais

College: Churchill

AHRC Subject Area: Archaeology

Title of Thesis: An evaluation of models of heterarchy and state formation on the Korean peninsula, with reference to the Kingdom of Baekje

The Archaeology of the Korean Peninsula

The Archaeology of East Asia

Heterarchy and Heterarchical forms of relation

State Formation

Multi-scalar Settlement Analysis

Ceramic Analysis (Petrography, INAA)


Originally studying the Natural Sciences (B.Sc. Hons. Zoology - 2006), I developed an interest in Archaeology and the operation of humans and human society (MA Archaeology - 2008). This interest, and a lot of luck, carried me to study Korean and East Asian archaeology, where I completed a further MA course in Seoul (MA Archaeology - 2015).

My current project focuses on central Korea and the formation of the state of Baekje, developing the concept of heterarchical forms of relation and examining whether this type of organisation played a significant role in the formation and operation of the Baekje state.