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Giulia Boitani

Giulia Boitani

Department: MML

Supervisor: Bill Burgwinkle & Sylvia Huot

College: Pembroke

AHRC Subject Area: French

Title of Thesis: Founding Women in Late Medieval French Romance

Romance Philology

Medieval French Literature

Italian Studies

Medieval Studies

Comparative Literature


In 2013 I obtained my BA in romance philology and literature from the University of Rome la Sapienza, with a thesis focusing on Provençal lyrics. In 2016 I obtained my MA, in the same university, with a thesis dedicated to the study of mysticism and religious quotes in Occitan literature. My PhD is focused on the role of founding women in medieval French literature, specifically that of the 13th and 14 centuries. The objective is an analysis of the intersection between romance and genealogy, through the perspective of 'competing' and 'master' narratives. Through this process, I highlight the complicated role of foundresses of medieval fictional lineages.