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Giulia Boitani

Giulia Boitani

Department: MML

Supervisor: Bill Burgwinkle & Sylvia Huot

College: Pembroke

AHRC Subject Area: French

Title of Thesis: Female Agency and Censure in Medieval French Texts

Romance Philology

Ancient French Literature

Italian Studies

Medieval Studies

Comparative Literature


Born in Italy in 1991 to Piero Boitani and Joan FitzGerald, Giulia graduated in 2008 from a Classical Lyceum in Rome. In 2013 she completed her BA with  110 cum Laude from the Sapienza University of Rome in the subject of Romance Philology with a thesis on "The feminine lyric you in the first troubadours". In 2016 she graduated her MA with 110 cum Laude from the Sapienza University, with a thesis in "Mystics and the Trobar".