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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Imogen Galilee Department: Law, Supervisors: Professor David Feldman and Dr Kirsty Hughes, College: Wolfson, AHRC Subject Area: Law and Legal Studies, Title of Thesis: (provisional) Legal controls on politicians who lie
Giulia Garbagni Department: Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Supervisor: Dr John Nilsson-Wright, College: Corpus Christi, AHRC Subject Area: Asian Studies, Title of thesis: "Japan's Envoy Diplomacy: Personal Networks and Conflict Mediation in Asia" (tentative)
Vincent Garton Department: Politics and International Studies, Supervisor: Dr Duncan Kelly, College: Trinity, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Time and catastrophe in continental political thought, 1898–1969
Wiktor Michal Gebski Department: Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Supervisor: Prof. Geoffrey Khan, College: Homerton, AHRC subject area: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Title of thesis: The influence of Modern Israeli Hebrew on the grammar of the Samaritan Hebrew
Despoina Georgiou Department: Faculty of Law, Supervisor: Professor Catherine Barnard, College: Girton, AHRC subject area: EU labour and competition law, Title of thesis: 'The new European 'worker': Subordination in the age of extreme casualisation of work'
Arthur Ghins Department: Politics and International Studies (POLIS), Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Brooke, College: Magdalene College, AHRC Subject Area: History, Philosophy, Religion and Law, Title of Thesis: ‘Reaching Equilibrium: Liberalism and Christianity in Constant and Tocqueville’
Lucas Giles
Abigail L. Glen Department: Faculty of English, Supervisor: Dr J.A. Tasioulas, Prof. Barry Windeatt, College: Clare, AHRC Subject Area: English, Title of Thesis: The use of beast imagery in the art and literature of Medieval Britain to perpetuate female sexual control
Lewis A Graham Department: Law, Supervisors: Professor Mark Elliott and Dr David Erdos, College: Pembroke, AHRC Subject Area: Law, Thesis title: Personalities, Preferences and Politics: An Examination of the Individual Ideologies of the Justices of the UK Supreme Court
Valentina A. Grasso Department: Faculty of Divinity, Supervisor: Professor Garth Fowden, College: St Edmund’s College, Title of thesis: Societies, politics, cults and identities in pre-Islamic Arabia, AHRC subject area: Theology, Divinity and Religion
Benjamin Graves Department: Music, Supervisor: Richard Causton, College: Darwin, AHRC Subject Area: Composition, Title of Thesis:
Christopher Green Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Jerome Greenfield Department: History, Supervisor: Professor Robert Tombs, College: St. Catharine's, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Public finance and the making of the modern French state, 1799-1853
Kim Groothius Department: Italian, Supervisor: Professor Adam Ledgeway, College: Christ’s, AHRC Subject Area: Italian studies, Title of Thesis: The Inflectional Domain from Latin to Italo-Romance
Blake Gutt Department: French, Supervisor: Professor Bill Burgwinkle, College: King's, AHRC Subject Area: French, Title of Thesis: Rhizomes, Parasites and Trees: Systems of Thought in Medieval French and Occitan/Catalan Literary Texts.