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Emilija Talijan

Emilija Talijan

Department: French

Supervisor: Professor Emma Wilson

College: Trinity Hall

AHRC Subject Area: Film History, Theory and Criticism

Title of Thesis: Noise and Auditory Experience in Contemporary European Art Cinema


Emilija completed her undergraduate studies in French and Russian before going on to do an MPhil in Screen Media & Cultures, both at the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral research explores noise and auditory experience in contemporary European art cinema. It is emerging from two developed areas of film theory that have thought about the senses and the sensuous on the one hand, and sound specifically on the other, in order to open up ideas of how we respond to and position what we hear, or do not hear, in cinema post the digital-turn. Her work engages with issues of sense-making and the limits of intelligibility current in contemporary French thought, drawing particularly on questions coming from the work of Jean-Luc Nancy, and turns to filmmakers positioned within an extreme aesthetic that engage noise to think at the limits of audibility or listenability.

Other academic interests


Film Theory

Sound Studies

Contemporary French Thought

Literary and Cultural Theory

19th and 20th Century French Literature



Key Publications

'What Utopia Would Feel Like’: Lars Von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark’, forthcoming in Screen [Autumn 2017]