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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



I studied for my MSc in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology at UCL, which led me to look at the changes in the mandible caused by differing morphological aspects of the dentition. My research topic for my PhD focuses on the morphological structure of mandibular trabecular bone in relation to the dentition. I plan to use high resolution micro-CT scanning to study the three-dimensional structure of trabecular bone in different human populations. I aim to illustrate how changes in diet and subsistence can impact the development of the mandibular trabecular bone and how in turn this causes changes in the dentition and vice versa.

Other academic interests

Skeletal Morphology
Human Evolution
Developmental Plasticity
Behavioural Ecology
Forensic Anthropology

Department: Archaeology and Anthropology
Supervisor: Dr Jay Stock
College: Downing
AHRC subject area: Archaeology
Title of thesis: The functional adaptation of mandibular trabecular bone in relation to the dentition
 Ella  Brown