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Damien Pollard

Damien Pollard

Department: Centre for Film and Screen, MML

Supervisor: Dr John David Rhodes

College: Pembroke

AHRC subject area: Film

Title of thesis:The Voice in Giallo Cinema


I studied for my undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature at King's College London, and read for an MPhil in Film and Screen Studies at Cambridge, graduating in 2017. My MPhil thesis looked at the politics of hearing and audition in the supernatural works of Dario Argento, and this led me to a particular interest in the role which the human voice plays in the 'giallo' film – an Italian sub-genre of horror films. This is the focus of my PhD research, which will investigate the ways in which, within this sub-genre, the voice connects the fascism of the Italy’s past, the problematic modernity of its present and the transnational status of its film industry. Prior to starting my PhD I was a practicing filmmaker, and my technical experience continues to inform my academic work. 


Other Academic Interests

Italian cinema, popular cinema, sound studies, voice studies, aesthetic philosophy.