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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Charles Dao Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Eloise Davies Department: History, Supervisor: Dr Richard Serjeantson, College: Peterhouse, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis: The Venetian connection in English intellectual life in the early seventeenth century
James Peter Dawson Department: Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Supervisor: Prof. H. van de Ven, College: Gonville & Caius, AHRC subject area: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Title of thesis: "Third Front Spirit": Maoist Industrialisation and Heritage in China's Hinterland (tentative)
Lorraine de la Verpillière Department: History of Art, Supervisor: Dr Alexander Marr, College: Pembroke college, Research area: ‘Visceral Creativity: Digestion, Earthly Melancholy, and Materiality in the Visual Arts of Early Modern France and the German-Speaking Lands.'
Lewis Defrates Department: History, Supervisor: Professor Gary Gerstle, College: Sidney Sussex, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Performing America: Travelling Americans, Movement and the Exportation of Visions of the United States to Great Britain, 1875-1914.
Sara Delmedico Department: Italian, Supervisor: Dr Helena Sanson, College: Clare College, AHRC Subject Area: Italian Studies, Title of Thesis: From the Restoration to the Pisanelli Code (1814-1865): A Historical and Cultural Assessment of the Legal Status of Women in the Centre-North of the Italian Peninsula
Rafael Dernbach Department: German, Supervisor: Prof. Andrew J. Webber, College: King's College, AHRC Subject Area: Film Studies, Title of Thesis: Anticipatory Realism - constructions of future in contemporary documentary practices
Nicholas Devlin Department: Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), Supervisor: Dr Christopher Brooke, College: Robinson, AHRC subject area: Political Theory, Title of thesis: Dialectic of Disillusionment: The political thought of ex-communists, c.1929 - c.1960
Katherine Ellen Dixon Department: English, Supervisor: Dr Alex da Costa, College: St Edmund's College, AHRC subject area: Languages and Literature, Title of thesis: Leading by example: the pedagogy of the Middle English homiletic exemplum and the Festial of John Mirk
Nicholas Dixon Department: History, Supervisor: Dr Andrew Thompson, College: Pembroke, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: 'The Activity and Influence of the Established Church in England, c. 1800-1837'
Jennifer Dodsworth Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Jacopo Domenicucci Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Michael Dormandy Department: Faculty of Divinity, Supervisor: Dirk Jongkind, College: Christ's, AHRC Subject Area: Theology, Divinity and Religion, Title of Thesis: An investigation into text-critical problems surrounding Revelation and the Codex Alexandrinus
Panagiotis Doudesis Department: History of Art, Supervisor: Prof. Caroline van Eck, College: Pembroke, AHRC subject area: Architecture History, Theory and Practice/ Fine Art History, Theory and Practice, Title of thesis (preliminary): Analogies between architecture and cuisine during the long eighteenth century
Rachel Claire Dryden Department: Divinity, Supervisor: Dr Holger Zellentin, College: Lucy Cavendish, AHRC subject area: Theology and Religious Studies, Title of thesis: Angels in the Qur’ān: Heavenly Messengers in the light of Late Antique, Near Middle Eastern, Jewish-Christian Beliefs about Angels
Bethany Dubow Department: English, Supervisor: Dr Gavin Alexander, College: King's, AHRC subject area: English, Title of thesis: 'And That Misformed Shape, Misshaped More': The Stranger Mathematics of The Faerie Queene
Stephen Duxbury Department:, Supervisor:, College:, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis:
Frankie Dytor Department: History of Art and Architecture, Supervisor: Professor Caroline van Eck , College: Pembroke, AHRC subject area: History of Art, Title of thesis: The reanimation of the renaissance, 1860-1929