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Christa Lundberg

Christa Lundberg

Department: History

Supervisor: Scott Mandelbrote

College: Trinity College

AHRC subject area: History

Title of thesis: The Visual Philosophy of Charles de Bovelles (1479 - 1566)


I graduated from the University of Gothenburg with a BA in Liberal Arts in 2014. Since then, I have pursued my interests in early modern intellectual history, first at the University of Lyon II and then at the Warburg Institute, where I earned my MA in 2016. Most recently, I have studied post-classical Latin in the Mellon post-bacc program at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

My project focuses on the diagrams, symbols and allegories of the philosopher and theologian Charles de Bovelles. His lavishly illustrated works pose questions about the role of figures and metaphors in the history of early modern philosophy, and, more broadly, the use of visual tools in cognition. 

Other academic interests:

History of philosophy

Book history

History of scholarship

History of the protestant reformation