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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



I did my undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow from where I graduated in 2014. During my undergraduate my main interests were centred around ontological commitment which lies the intersection between philosophy of language and metaphysics. I worked for two years in a variety of roles in local government before completing an MLitt in Philosophy through the St Andrews/Stirling Philosophy Graduate Programme. In my MLitt dissertation I argued that formality as a demarcation criterion for logic would lead to logical monism, the view that there is only one logic. 

I continue to be interested in the philosophy of language because of the role language plays in reflecting and shaping our beliefs about the world. My particular research project is concerned with understanding the conditions under which particular kinds of generalisations, called generic generalisations, are true.


Other academic interests:

Logic, Conflict Studies, Accents and Dialects

Department: Philosophy
Supervisor: Professor Rae Langton
College: Girton
AHRC subject area: Philosophy
Title of thesis: It's a stereotype because it's true!
 Annie  Bosse