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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


My PhD looks at emotions, objects and families in Renaissance Prague. I am interested in what role material things played in the psychological systems of the household during the social transformations of the Renaissance and Reformations. My methodology combines historical approaches and psychoanalytical theory with extended storytelling, and is based on criminal court records, inventories and surviving objects. 

I am an affiliate doctoral student of the Centre for East European Language Based Area Studies and a 2019 Seminar Fellow at the Centre for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota. 


‘Women, Bridal Girdles and the Household in Renaissance Prague’, Historical Journal (2021).

‘Ester, A Missing Clasp and Pawnbroking Networks in Renaissance Prague’, The Austrian History Yearbook (2021).

I am also a non fiction writer represented by Greene & Heaton, and a London Library Emerging Writer for 2020-1. 

Department: Faculty of History
Supervisor: Professor Ulinka Rublack
College: Pembroke
AHRC subject area: History
Title of thesis: Objects, emotions and the household in Renaissance Prague
 Anna  Parker