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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



My research examines the 'social lives' of clothes in Late-Renaissance Prague. Using criminal court records, inventories, and surviving textiles and jewellery, it explores how clothing was embedded in the lifecycles of individuals, families and groups; the cultural meanings that clothing generated, and the multiple social uses to which dress was put. More generally, I am interested in the themes of material culture, religion, gender and global encounter in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Previously, my MPhil (also completed at Cambridge, funded by the Newton College Masters Award) explored the interrelationship of material, making and meaning in the jewellery owned by burghers in Prague’s Old Town.

I am an affiliate doctoral student of the Centre for East European Language Based Area Studies, a partnership run by University College London and the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester and Oxford, and a Seminar Fellow at Centre for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota. 

Department: Faculty of History
Supervisor: Professor Ulinka Rublack
College: Pembroke
AHRC subject area: History
Title of thesis: The 'social lives' of clothes in Late-Renaissance Prague
 Anna  Parker