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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles



Born in France and raised in the UK, I studied Archaeology & Anthropology at Selwyn College, Cambridge (2011-2014). I specialised in Ancient Near Eastern history with a focus on the Egyptian and Akkadian languages, graduating with the Thomas Young Medal for Outstanding Distinction in Oriental Archaeology after achieving Starred Firsts in examinations for three successive years. During this period I also completed an internship at the British Museum Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, worked as a Research Assistant in the Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus (ORACC), and founded the Cambridge University Ancient Literature Society, designed to promote reading and collective study of texts from the ancient world by non-specialists.

In 2014, I was elected Benefactors’ Research Scholar at St. John’s College, Cambridge, where I received a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for my work on Ancient Egyptian courts and law enforcement. In 2015, I was elected Lord Lewis-AHRC Research Scholar at Robinson College, Cambridge, where I am currently carrying out doctoral research on ideological and practical aspects of the legal system in New Kingdom Egypt. My teaching commitments include being a supervisor in Middle Egyptian at the Division of Archaeology and serving as a Postgraduate Mentor in the Cambridge Admissions Office.

Other academic interests

Ancient Mesopotamian and wider Semitic law; Divination and its impact on societies in the Ancient Near East; developing interactive and creative approaches to raising public awareness of ancient historical and linguistic topics.


Key publications: 

Loktionov, A. "Commentary: Desert shaped by people, or people shaped by desert? Reflections of an Egyptologist", Archaeological Review from Cambridge 34(1): Desert Archaeology, 2019: 20-27.

Loktionov, A. "May my nose and ears be cut off: Practical and "supra-practical" Aspects of Mutilation in the Egyptian New Kingdom", Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 60(3), 2017: 263-291.

Loktionov, A. "An 'Egyptianising' Underworld Judging an Assyrian Prince? New Perspectives on VAT 10057", Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History 3(1), 2017: 39-56.

Loktionov, A. "Thoughts towards a new hypothesis for understanding the legal text in OI 12073", Göttinger Miszellen 253(3), 2017: 89-96.

Loktionov, A. "Of pilgrims and poets, prisoners and politics: the story of Egyptology in Russia". In Langer, C. (ed.) Global Egyptology: Negotiation in the Production of Knowledges on Ancient Egypt in Global Contexts. London: Golden House Press, 2017: 129-145.

Loktionov, A. "Importing the law? Possible elements of the Mesopotamian legal tradition in New Kingdom Egypt", BAF Online: Proceedings of the Berner Altorientalisches Forum, 2016:

Loktionov, A. "Convicting 'Great Criminals': A New Look at Punishment in the Turin Judicial Papyrus", Égypte Nilotique et Méditerranéenne 8, 2015: 103-111.

Loktionov, A. "Kušû: Crocodile after all?", Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires 2014-4, 2014: 164-167.

Department: Archaeology & Anthropology
Supervisor: Dr. Hratch Papazian
College: Robinson
AHRC Subject Area: C: Archaeology
Title of Thesis: The Development of the Legal System of Ancient Egypt from the Old to the Middle Kingdom
 Alexandre  Loktionov