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Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership - Student Profiles


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Zoe Adams Department: Law, Supervisor: Professor Simon Deakin, College: Pembroke College, AHRC Subject Area:, Title of Thesis: What is the role of law in capitalist society and what is its relationship with social inequality?
John Adenitire Department: Faculty of Law, Supervisor: Professor David Feldman, College: Fitzwilliam College, AHRC Subject Area: Law, Title of Thesis: The Case for a Constitutional Right to Exemption from Legal Obligations on the Ground of Conscientious Objection
Oliver Aiken Department: History, Supervisor: Professor Saul Dubow, College: Trinity, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis: Futures Past: Making the Radical Case for the Bantustans in Apartheid South Africa
Jens Aklundh Department: History, Supervisor: Professor Alexandra Walsham, College: Trinity, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Religious Toleration and the Restoration Church Courts, 1660 - 1688
Lawrence Alexander Department: Centre for Film and Screen, ​Supervisor: Prof Andrew Webber, ​College: Churchill, ​AHRC subject area: Film History, Theory and Criticism, ​Title of thesis (preliminary): Exploring the Production of Space in Contemporary Artistic Practices: Farocki, Paglen, Steyerl
Chloe Allison Department: Music, Supervisor: Professor Susan Rankin, College: Selwyn, AHRC Subject Area: Music, Thesis Title: The Creation, Transmission and Dissemination of the Medieval Polyphonic Practice of Organum Purum
Maddalena Alvi
Graham Andrews Department: Classics, Supervisor: Dr Christopher Kelly, College: Corpus Christi, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Rethinking the Third Century: Greek Historiography and Political Narrative.
Wendy Andrews Department: Architecture, Supervisor: Dr James Campbell, College: Queens', AHRC Subject Area: Architecture, Title of Thesis:, Innovations in English wallpaper materials and manufacture from 1800-1940: the evidence of the Cowtan Company Order Books
Patrick Armstrong Department: English, Supervisor: Dr Drew Milne, College: Corpus Christi, AHRC Subject Area: English Language and Literature, Title of Thesis: Microscopes, Microbes, and the Minuscule in Modern Fiction (1870-1940)
Tom Arnold-Forster Department: History, Supervisor: Dr. Joel Isaac, College: Jesus, AHRC Subject Area: History, Title of Thesis: Walter Lippmann and Democratic Politics
Monique Arntz Department: Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, Supervisor: Dr. Augusta McMahon, College: Trinity College, AHRC subject area: Archeaology, Title of thesis: Beyond meaning. An Artefact Approach to the Neolithic Figurines from Tell Sabi Abyad (Syria) and Ҫatalhöyük (Turkey)
Ben Ashbridge Department: Faculty of History, Supervisor: Prof. David Maxwell & Dr Rachel Leow, College: Churchill, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis (preliminary): A comparative analysis of faith mission dynamics during the era of decolonization in the Malayan and Kenyan Emergencies
Holly Rose Ashford PhD Candidate
Joseph Ashmore Department: English, Supervisor: Katrin Ettenhuber, College: Pembroke, AHRC Subject Area: English, Title of Thesis: Scriptural Topography in Seventeenth-Century Religious Writing
William K. S. Aslet Department: History of Art, Supervisor: Dr. Frank Salmon, College: Peterhouse, AHRC subject area: History, Title of thesis (preliminary): The Architectural Life and Legacy of James Gibbs