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Sofia Ropek-Hewson

Sofia Ropek-Hewson

Department: French

Supervisor: Dr Martin Crowley

College: Pembroke

AHRC Subject Area: Languages, Literature

Title of Thesis: Desire under late-capitalism: real and imagined transgression in contemporary French literature.


I studied for a BA in English and French at Durham University  and completed my Masters in Durham’s languages department. My research focuses on conceptions of real and imagined transgression under late-capitalism. I explore the literature of Michel Houellebecq and Virginie Despentes, along with theorists and philosophers like Bernard Stiegler and Paul B. Preciado. I’m interested in the minituarisation of capitalist power and self-regulating aspects of socioeconomic systems. My Masters dissertation examined Paul B. Preciado’s development of ‘biodrag activism’, which relates to bodily micropolitical resistances. My PhD will examine desire and transgression under late-capitalism in relation to literature and French thought – particularly over the last twenty years.

Other academic interests

Queer theory, gender studies, literary theory, pornography studies, technology and technics, the position of the humanities in changing university cultures.