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Ralph Stefan Weir

Ralph Stefan Weir

Department: Philosophy

Supervisor: Tim Crane

College: Jesus

AHRC Subject Area: Philosophy

Title of Thesis: The Self


I lecture in aesthetics at Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford and have also taught  epistemology, ancient philosophy, and ancient Greek language. I have a BPhil in Philosophy and an MSt in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Oxford and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Reading. My current research at the University of Cambridge concerns the philosophy of mind. Most recently, I have been working on questions relating to the unity of consciousness.

In addition to the above I am a Research Fellow of the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion, Oxford and co-founder of the Humane Philosophy Project. The latter is an international initiative based at the Universities of Oxford and Warsaw which aims to promote a humane or humanistic approach to philosophy. The project has organised a number of conferences, seminars, and accredited philosophy courses, and hosts a growing library of video and audio material at its website

Other academic interests

Plato,  Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Ancient Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Humane Philosophy, Beauty, Classics, Ancient Languages, Philosophy of Poetry.