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Katrina-Louise Moseley

Katrina-Louise Moseley

Department: History

Supervisor: Dr Lucy Delap

College: Wolfson

AHRC Subject Area: History

Title of Thesis: 'Alcohol and the Gendered Body Represented and Experienced in Britain, 1920-1970'


I was awarded my BA in History from the University of Durham in 2013 and my MA in Social and Economic History (Research Methods), also from Durham, in 2015. My MA degree was funded by an award from the Economic and Social Research Council and my dissertation centred on the social and cultural history of women’s drinking in Britain between 1933 and 1960, with a particular focus on the historical interplay between cultural norms and social practice.   

My doctoral research at Cambridge investigates changing patterns of British popular thought on alcohol, sexuality and the gendered body over the course of the mid-twentieth century (1920-1970). More specifically, what role did alcohol play in the construction of gendered relationships and identities in this period? How did cultural representations of drinking interact with ‘embodied’ experiences of sobriety and intoxication? What might a study of men and women’s drinking reveal about the way in which gendered bodies were themselves contested and negotiated during this half-century of dramatic social change?   

By exploring afresh the subject of alcohol consumption through the lens of bodily boundaries and transactions, I hope to shed light on key historical struggles around gender and sexuality in modern Britain.


Other academic interests:

  • Anthropological perspectives on alcohol and drunkenness
  • Inter-disciplinary methods and approaches
  • The establishment of cause and meaning in social/historical research
  • The sociology of gender
  • Visual methods and material culture
  • The social and cultural history of modern Britain
  • Histories of leisure and everyday life